John Assaraf And The Quest For Excellence

The overall goal John Assaraf set for himself was to help millions of people realize the ability to use their natural talents and abilities in order to achieve greater purpose and goals in their lives. John Assaraf believes that everyone can create the environment and the appropriate tools to manifest this level of achievement on purpose by utilizing the proper resources, confidence and focusing certain principles by retraining the human brain to do so.

During the past 25 years, John Assaraf has established and built five different multi-million dollar companies in Internet software, real estate, life and business coaching, consulting and research of the brain. John Assaraf books “The Answer” and “Having It All” are both New York Times best selling books.

John Assaraf PortraitHe has also been featured on television shows such as “Larry King Live”, where he appeared at eight different times, the Ellen Degeneres Show, Anderson Cooper 360, “Quest for Success” with Sir Richard Branson and the Dali Lama, and was one of the central spiritual teachers in movie “The Secret.”

He is a determined and uncompromising student of human behavior and consciousness, he is relentless in pursuing what caused people to perform to their maximum abilities and what causes them to not measure up to those abilities.

John Assaraf is currently the CEO of NeuroGym, a company that is focused on brain research and which has produced some of the most exciting brain retraining programs (John Assaraf BrainAThon for example) and tools in the world. The passion that John Assaraf has and displays revolves around the discovery of people’s abilities and teaching them the methods of eliminating the blockages that occur in the mental realm that prevents them from achieving their full potential.

He built Re/Max of Indiana into a powerhouse real estate entity with annual sales of over 4.5 billion dollars. He also built a million dollar company called

If you check and do a quick search for John Assaraf wiki or any of the John Assaraf reviews, you’ll find that John did not always have such a sunny environment, as his growing up years were anything but successful. His family moved Montreal, Canada when he was just 6 years old, and John’s experiences went downhill from there. He had an increasingly difficult time learning the French and English languages, and it seemed that he was always in trouble.

In school John Assaraf was bullied and made fun of, as his inexperience in the usage of the languages made him different enough to become the target of mischief-makers. His self-esteem plummeted and it became very difficult for him to make new friends and acquire the new skills he needed to progress in the new environment.


Consequently he spent a lot of time in the principle’s office for fighting and getting into trouble, but the real trouble awaited him at home, where his father, who drove a taxi, would administer very difficult and brutal beatings because dealing with this difficult child took away time when he could be earning money with his taxi.

By the time John Assaraf was in his teens, he was a full time trouble maker, but the only thing that probably saved him was his prowess in athletics, which took him away from hanging out with the thugs he thought were his friends, but he still did not have the success in the other parts of his live that he needed.

John Assaraf bio gets a sudden change when John, then 19 years old, broke away from friends and family who were giving him little to no support, and left Montreal to move to Toronto to live with his brother, the only other person he knew away from his home.

While in Toronto, he came under the wing of a successful businessman, who loaned Assaraf the money to take a real estate course and study for the real estate exam. He took the test five weeks later, and had earned his real estate license.

Now for the very first time, John Assaraf had done something significant on his own and he felt he has cleared the slate from all the bad experiences in his past, and could now create his own path in life. He concluded that all he had to do was to work hard and continue to learn and improve his knowledge and skills.

It was at this point in John’s life that he began to learn about the unbelievable power that resides in each person, that God has placed there, along with our fantastic brains. The ability to establish goals and objectives and then consciously achieve them is a transformation that anyone can learn to do if they just have the knowledge and the will to do it.

It is this driving force and sense of accomplishment that completely overshadows any self doubt and uncertainty in anyone’s trek through life, as achievement and progress wipes the doubts our of existence.

John Assaraf continually shows people and organizations how easy it can be to achieve what you want if you can unlock the mental methods that are required. One of his most often quoted statements is that most people do a very good job in setting goals, but they are really not very good at achieving them.

John Assaraf The Secret

John Assaraf reviews and points out the mistakes that most people make in setting and achieving their goals, and how to overcome these mistakes, especially when trying to implement the ideas behind the secret of attraction. He goes on to say that many people end up attempting to achieve their goals in the same way that everyone else does, but they don’t know how to break out of the endless circle of “sameness” that many times don’t work for everyone.

Most people are lazy and they think that there is not much effort required in order to achieve, but they discount the mental effort that it takes in order to become successful.

The mental effort requires preparation, and rehearsing, and practicing what you will think about and what you will say when you are confronted with key issues that can make the difference in whether you move forward, stay the same or move backwards.

And finally, John Assaraf reviews teach us that the people who are successful at anything do not rely on excuses, because they always find new ways around obstacles. Once all the excuses are buried or set aside, the person finds their own way to succeed.

Following John Assaraf’s leadership in retraining our brain to function this way has helped thousands of individuals, and many business entities break out of mediocrity and into new levels of success that had been unattainable prior to working with John. I hope that after reading this and other John Assaraf reviews, you’ll be able to make a much more educated decision if his programs might work for you too!

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