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The Law Of Attraction and John Assaraf Books

Right after John Assaraf appeared in move “The Secret”, his audience reach expanded greatly and he was finally able to spread his message about the Law Of Attraction and share his knowledge. As Zack Alderhurst describes in his article, John Assaraf always tried to get as much as he could from the life he had.

From an early age John Assaraf thirsted for more, more of what life had to offer. His quest for knowledge and financial security led him to research many books and articles. After a great deal of tiring research he stumbled on the power of The Law Of Attraction.


To see what you want in your mind, believe you have the power to achieve it and to know that you will. In essence, how to play the game of life and become victorious! His research and strong belief in the Law Of Attraction rendered him not only successful in his personal life but also in his desire to help others achieve the success they deserve.

John Assaraf is a entrepreneur, surveyor and evaluator of consciousness and the behavior of humans. His love and passion for helping and teaching people how to release the internal mental obstructions that holds them back from achieving their fullest potential is what motivates him and gives his life objective and meaning. In the last twenty five years John has developed five multi-million dollar corporations and has written two New York Times bestseller books.

John Assaraf has written numerous self-help books such as the Vision Board Kit, Neural Reconditioning, Having It All and Having It All Program. Additionally, for the business operator he has written The Answer and Business Coaching and Consulting. Each of these books delivers powerful messages to help anyone acquire everything they have ever wanted in life, so long as they believe, it shall be so!

Here are the most influential John Assaraf Books and the short description of each directly from John Assaraf’s bookstore. See which one resonates with you the most and give it a try!

The Complete Vision Board Kit

John Assaraf Books The Complete Vision Board KitVision boards are a way to make your dreams come true and achieve success in your health, wealth, relationships, career goals and every other aspect of your life. A vision board simply reprograms your brain (which is the really important part) and allows you to actually “see in advance” the results of your goal setting and hard work.

John’s new book shows you exactly how! And, it’s actually much more than ‘just a book,’ much like the Law of Attraction books are more than ‘just a book!’ The Complete Vision Board Kit comes with a DVD, sample vision board, and tools to help you create your own vision board that will positively change your life!

Having It All: Achieving Your Life’s Goals and Dreams

John Assaraf Books Having It AllIn this New York Times Bestseller, you will learn more about how John triumphantly rose from a turbulent life that could have landed him in jail or the morgue (thanks to what some may consider ‘self help’ methods that John became aware of).

From this ‘hopeless’ path John went on to build four mega-successful companies in no time.

In this book, you will learn how to apply these lessons into your own life, so you too can enjoy celebrating achievement of goals in your life and the rewards it brings with it!

The Answer: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom and Live an Extraordinary Life

John Assaraf Books The AnswerNew York Times bestselling author John Assaraf and business-growth expert Murray Smith have joined together to write this ground shattering ‘self help’ business book for the 21st century.

The co-founders of OneCoach have combined forces to deliver you with this insightful, thought provoking and motivational book that is sure to take your business up a few notches.

Discover brand new moneymaking techniques and enjoy a revolutionary guide for success in today’s business environment. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for some goal setting insights, this book will take your business forward – FAST!

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