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I truly believe in the methods and teachings of John Assaraf and that’s why I’ve decided to publish this page and start adding all relevant and meaningful John Assaraf Reviews here. These reviews and videos will include references and analysis of his books and online training programs and courses.

In one of the John Assaraf reviews I found, Zack Alderhurst gives this nice brief overview of John Assaraf bio and his business career.

From an early age John Assaraf thirsted for more, more of what life had to offer. His quest for knowledge and financial security led him to research many books and articles. After a great deal of tiring research he stumbled on the power of The Law Of Attraction. To see what you want in your mind, believe you have the power to achieve it and to know that you will.

In essence, how to play these games of life and become victorious! His research and strong belief in the Law Of Attraction rendered him not only successful in his personal life but also in his desire to help others achieve the success they deserve.

John Assaraf is a entrepreneur, surveyor and evaluator of consciousness and the behavior of humans. His love and passion for helping and teaching people how to release the internal mental obstructions that holds them back from achieving their fullest potential is what motivates him and gives his life objective and meaning. In the last twenty five years John has developed five multimillion dollar corporations and has written two New York Times bestseller books.

To start things of, here are a few videos with people describing their views and experiences with John Assaraf’s teachings.


John Assaraf Reviews – Winning The Game Of Money & Abundance

John Assaraf Reviews – Brain-A-Thon

John Assaraf Reviews – Winning The Inner Game Of Money


In the end, to close this set of John Assaraf reviews, I’ll use Sam Brown’s words. He said:

So, if you are someone who always had this desire of being a millionaire and had the courage to do the hard work, this program (Brain-A-Thon) is custom-made for you.

Moreover this is a hassle free and effortless method to make your dreams come true. Don’t wait for any genie to come out of a lamp and make your wish come true. Be the master of your own desires and click here to open the gateways of your success.

As you can see, most of John Assaraf reviews that people post online tend to be about the “Winning the Inner Game Of Money” or “Brain-A-Thon” program, but please check out all of John’s courses and see if any of them would work for you.

Winning The Inner Game Of Money & Abundance (Brain-A-Thon)

Winning The Game Of Weight Loss

Winning The Game Of Fear

Having It All

They are all great quality and professionally created materials packed with valuable information that you can start using in your life right away!