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John Assaraf Brainathon – 7 Hours Of Fun

Emily Thomas

This is the time of year when John Assaraf and his company (NeuroGym) organizes and delivers an awesome online event called John Assaraf Brainathon. This year's brainathon will be held in November and it promises to be even better than the one held last year.

The 4th Annual NeuroGym live John Assaraf brainathon event introduces the “Shatter Your Financial Glass Ceiling” theme and as a consequence of this training, as stated on the marketing materials, you will be able to continue on “Living an Exceptional Life”.

John Assaraf Reviews - John Assaraf Brainathon

This year's brainathon will be focusing on everyone's limiting beliefs and addressing the root issues that are preventing us all from achieving our true potential. Some of the most common limiting beliefs that John Assaraf brainathon curriculum reviews this year are:

  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of disappointment
  • Lack of Self-Worth
  • Lack of confidence or certainty
  • Abundance of Self-Doubt
  • Lack of knowledge or skill
  • Past traumas and emotional blockages

The live John Assaraf brainathon online event reviews and will feature an exceptional line-up of expert speakers in various fields of science and personal development including:

  • Dr. Daniel Amen – Change your Brain, Change your Income
  • Sharon Pearson – From Suicide to $10 Million a year
  • Dr. David Kruger – How to Change your Money Story
  • Dr. Heidi Hanna – Eliminate Stress and Worries about Money
  • Mark Waldman – Unshackle the chains of your past: letting go of past failures, traumas or events that are keeping you stuck
  • John Assaraf – The New Science to Creating Wealth

If this online session follows the same approach like the last year's brainathon, I'm really looking forward to it because it is definitely one of those life-changing events you can't miss. John Assaraf always makes sure that there is new revolutionary material available, new discoveries and new methods of learning based on and backed up by science.

In this article Kristine Smith describes her own experience during one of the previous John Assaraf Brainathon online sessions and what kind of impact it had on her.

From noon to 6:45 yesterday I watched, listened to, and learned the neuroscience of the brain and how people engage with the world, thanks to John Assaraf  Brainathon event and his team of brain researchers and other experts. I was riveted to the event the entire time. My swollen ankles at the end of the day were proof positive that I didn’t budge from my chair. (I should have stood and walked in place some during the event. I was chair-bound too long!)

Although, as a voracious reader and professional persuader, I knew more than the average bear about how the human brain works, during this event I learned other things that will make it easier for me to align my subconscious with my conscious mind so my subconscious mind won’t be as dedicated to derailing the plans I have for my life and career.

We all doubt ourselves, second-guess ourselves, and fail to take action that we should, and then end up regretting it later. That’s the subconscious mind getting in the way of our plans. It hears and obeys old message that were placed inside us when we were innocent, sponge-like children who didn’t know which info we were receiving was correct and which was malarkey. If we heard, “You’re no good, you’re lazy, you don’t measure up, you’re stupid” as kids, we absorbed that and still live with the residual effects of it.

These old tapes make us hesitant to engage with the world for fear we’ll hear the “assessments” again from someone new (or from ourselves!). We think we’ve “overcome” the slings and arrows of these past insults to our self-esteem, but we’ve just squelched them. We fear having them re-activated during new experiences, so we hold back, remain disengaged, effectively shooting ourselves in the foot.

John Assaraf brainathon goes through the introduction to an amazing 90-day brain retraining program that de-escalates and “tames” the messages from the subconscious mind (which is hundreds of times more powerful and active than the conscious mind) so that it aligns with our conscious mind and stops fighting us every time we decide to step outside our comfort zone and ask for more, do more, be more.

The program is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Some reviews say it’s worth millions of dollars because it has skyrocketed their incomes so fast that they’ll make that much more during their lifetimes as a result. Fully 88% of course participants call the course “priceless”; the rest say it’s “worth millions,” so you get the idea of the level of satisfaction with it from that.

When you pay in full on the day of the John Assaraf BrainAThon, the cost is just $995 and you get a slew of materials that inform and support you for 90 days as you retrain your brain so you can become the star you are. You also get a full year of community support and connection with John Assaraf and his brain experts, who will answer questions and be there as you grow into your own.

What I love best about it, and about John Assaraf himself, is that he has researched and created this course for all the right reasons. First, John did it for himself and his friends but when he saw how the information he gathered had revolutionized his and their lives and fortunes, he recognized that millions of other people could benefit from it, too, so he decided to make it one of his legacy courses: a course that will resonate and be effective long after he's shoveled off this mortal coil.

(Since John is just a middle-aged man, that won’t be for a long time, God willing, so he’ll be able to experience the joy and satisfaction of witnessing the transformations of the people he helps. How cool is that? Proud papa!)

If you missed the event, it will happen again every Saturday from now on. I suggest you get on board. Here’s the link to pre-register: John Assaraf BrainAThon. It will explain why you are where you are right now, at whatever level of success you’ve achieved, and how to move forward with less resistance than you’ve been getting from yourself up until now. It’s truly worth your time–all six hours and forty-five minutes of it!

Two thumbs up for John Assaraf Brainathon. It has my 100% stamp of approval!


NEW! John Assaraf's 9th Annual Brain-A-Thon Just Announced! FREE Online Event - Join World Leading Brain & Money Experts! Discover How To Achieve Financial Freedom...

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