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Winning The Game Of Weight Loss

Emily Thomas

John Assaraf Winning the Game of Weight Loss program tries to address the constant and ongoing struggle for most of us – losing the weight and keeping it off. However, John Assaraf attacks this difficult issue from another angle and that is why I like this approach so much. If you look at all other weight loss programs and solutions out there, they always focus on the same things related to diet and exercise.

Don't get me wrong – I think those are important, but just as a part of an overall approach to weight loss. John's research team discovered that the unconscious patterns that we develop in relation to our eating habits and emotions always take over, no matter how many different exercise or strict diet regimens we try!

If you have struggled with weight loss like I did, then maybe looking into this phenomenal brain retraining event might help you too. Keep in mind that this isn't one of those fad or miracle diet solutions that disappear from the market after few months – Winning the Game Of Weight Loss is a complete weight loss solution that works. Jenna prepared this detailed description of what you might expect to learn during this free online event.

The Winning The Game of Weight Loss webinar is presented by John Assaraf NeuroGym founder and is completely free. For anyone not familiar John is a Best Selling Author and featured in the movie The Secret, he is one of the top people to listen to when it comes to training the brain to lose weight. John Assaraf has been studying the field of neuroscience for years and has now created this event that contains some of the leading brain and health experts.

Some of these experts include Marc David slow down diet author, JJ Virgin sugar impact diet creator, and Ari Whitten metabolism supercharge system creator. During this free weight loss online program they will share groundbreaking research into how the brain is wired and its influence over eating habits.

This webinar features a live chat and contains a tremendous source of insight on the path towards losing weight and becoming the best you can be. If you have ever attended any of the John Assaraf retrain your brain events or attended a JJ Virgin, Marc David or Ari Whitten podcast interviews you know that they are quite the learning experience.

Please do understand that this web session is not a diet or exercise plan. Instead, you will learn scientifically proven techniques that will radically change your approach to dieting. Here is some of what you will learn:

  • Reshape your body and self-image to be more empowered and energetic than ever.
  • Recognize and Release the triggers that are causing you to eat emotionally that get you stuck in the cycle of weight fluctuation.
  • Reset your inner weight
  • Plus more…

You will also learn about unconscious habits, beliefs and emotions that have control over you and affect your conscious actions and desires. More importantly you will learn how to retrain the brain for weight loss by learning how to break free is to recognize these roadblocks and create new positive thought patterns.

Another great thing is that you do not have to sift through all the Winning The Game Of Weight Loss Reviews out there because this event is free and during it you will Free Yourself From The Fear That Feeds The Fat and create a Losing Weight is a State of Mind, and finally lose the pounds you desire once and for all.

To attend the John Assaraf Winning The Game of Weight Loss webinar simply go HERE.

As part of my set of Winning The Game Of Weight Loss Reviews, I've included more detailed information about the webinar host John Assaraf and each of the speakers that will be presenting their material during this online event.

John Assaraf Winning The Game Of Weight Loss Webinar

If you feel that this program might work for you, simply register for the FREE John Assaraf Winning The Game of Weight Loss online event, by clicking on this link

NEW! John Assaraf's 6th Annual Brain-A-Thon Just Announced! FREE Online Event - Join 7 World Leading Brain & Money Experts. Discover How To Achieve Financial Freedom...

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